Howdy! I'm Kate, commonly known by the handle "Anik8tion"I'm a 2D artist, animator, and compositor! I received my BA in 2020 and have done freelancing since! I enjoy making a wide variety of content and am all about experiencing new things. I love learning and creating things!My commissions currently open sporadically.

The Last TykushaWCAnimatedEnto (2022)
Paperdrake Pro.AnimatedWingsAccursedThe Legend of Pipi (2022)

Terms of Service +

Upon inquiring me about a commission, you automatically confirm that you understand and agree to the below statements. Any issues regarding your negligence to abide by my terms will result in blacklisting you from working with me in the future.

1. Full refunds are available upon request if the commission is not yet started.
Refunds requested after work has been started will be partial but fair in accordance with work done on commission at that time. All work done for the commission will be supplied to you.
2. You may re-upload work you have commissioned from me with credit.
Commissioned work may not be used for profit, NFT/blockchain, or merchandise.
3. Payments are required before I start your commission, and are made in USD via paypal, cashapp, or venmo.
Payment plans available.
4. Commission process.
A sketch will be sent for your approval post-payment receival. Upon approval of the sketch, the commission will be continued/completed. If more WIPs are desired, please request them. Larger commissions receive more WIP shots. Commissions will be finished in the month they open unless stated otherwise. HD files will be provided to you upon approval of final product.

Will draw  
Animals (feral/anthro)HumansRobots
MechaLight gore 
Won't draw  
Copyrighted charactersNSFW/SuggestiveHeavily Romantic Pieces
Hateful artworkHeavy GoreDrug Use
Kinks or FetishesAbuse 


500x500 pixels - gradient shading - simple background
NOTE: Examples furthest right are the most recent/best examples
Single character = $15USD
Double character icon = $25USD
Linking icons = $30USD


Default gradient shading - Simple background - Polished SketchSingle Character Shoulders and up = $45USD
Double Character Shoulders and up = $70USD
Single Character Fullbody = $60USD
Double Character Fullbody = $100USD
Complex Shading = +$15USD


500x500 pixels - single character - complex designs will be simplified - set price packsx1 emote = $15USD
x5 emotes = $70USD
x10 emotes = $135USD

Interested in a commission not listed here? Contact me and I'll work with you on it!